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Graduate Degree Programs - Canada

The University of British Columbia - Courses
Master's Degree Programs
Adult Education (MA) (MEd)
Adult Learning and Global Change (MEd)
Agricultural Economics (MSc) (MFRE)
Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity (MA)
Animal Science (MSc)
Anthropology (MA)
Architecture (MARCH) (MASA)
Archival Studies (MAS)
Archival Studies and Library Information Studies (MASLIS)
Art Education (MA)(MEd)
Art History (Critical Curatorial Studies) (MA)
Asian Studies (MA)
Asia-Pacific Policy Studies (MAAPS) (MAAPS/MBA) (MAAPS/JD)
Astronomy (MSc)
Atmospheric Science (MSc)
Audiology and Speech Sciences (MSc)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSc)
Bioinformatics (MSc)
Biomedical Engineering (MASc)
Botany (MSc)
Business Administration (MScB)
Business Education (MA) (MEd)
Cell and Developmental Biology (MSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MASc) (MSc)
Chemistry (MSc)
Children's Literature (MA)
Civil Engineering (MASc)
Classical Archaeology (MA)
Classics (MA)
Computer Science (MSc)
Counselling Psychology (MA) (MEd)
Craniofacial Science (MSc)
Creative Writing (MFA)
Creative Writing and Film Production (MFA)
Creative Writing/Theatre (MFA)
Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education (MA) (MEd)
Curriculum Studies (MA) (MEd)
Digital Media (MDM)
Early Childhood Education (MA) (MEd)
Economics (MA)
Educational Administration (MA) (MEd)
Educational Administration and Leadership and Curriculum Studies (MEd)
Educational Studies (MA) (MEd)
Educational Technology (MET)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc)
Engineering Physics (MASc)
English (MA)
Experimental Medicine (MSc)
Film Production (MFA)
Film Studies (MA)
Fine Arts (MFA) (MA)
Food Science (MSc) (MFS)
Forestry (MASc) (MF) (MSc)
French (MA)
Genetic Counselling (MSc)
Genetics (MSc)
Geography (MA) (MSc)
Geological Engineering (MASc)
Geological Science (MSc)
Geophysics (MASc) (MSc)
Germanic Studies (MA)
Health Administration (MHA)
Health Sciences (MHSc)
Higher Education (MA) (MEd)
Hispanic Studies (MA)
History (MA)
Home Economics Education (MA) (MEd)
Human Development, Learning and Culture (MA) (MEd)
Human Kinetics (MA) (MHK) (MSc)
Human Nutrition (MSc)
Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems (MSc)
Interdisciplinary Oncology (MSc)
Interdisciplinary Studies (MA) (MSc)
Journalism (MJ)
Landscape Architecture (MASLA) (MLA)
Law (LLM) (LLM-Common Law)
Library and Information Studies (MLIS)
Linguistics (MA)
Literacy Education (MA) (MEd)
Materials Engineering (MASc) (MSc)
Mathematics (MA) (MSc)
Mathematics Education (MA) (MEd)
Measurement Evaluation and Research Methodology (MA) (MEd)
Mechanical Engineering (MASc)
Medical Genetics (MSc)
Microbiology and Immunology (MSc)
Mining Engineering (MASc)
Modern Language Education (MA) (MEd)
Music (MA) (MMus)
Music Education (MA) (MEd)
Neuroscience (MSc)
Nursing (MSN) (MN-NP)
Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (MSc)
Occupational Therapy (MOT)
Oceanography (MSc)
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (MSc)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc)
Pharmacology (MSc)
Philosophy (MA)
Physical Education (MA) (MEd)
Physical Therapy (MPT)
Physics (MSc)
Physiology (MSc)
Planning (MAP) (MScP)
Plant Science (MSc)
Political Science (MA)
Population and Public Health (MSc)
Psychology (MA)
Public Health (MPH)
Rehabilitation Sciences (MSc)
Rehabilitation Sciences (MRSc)
Religious Studies (MA)
Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (MSc)
Resource Management and Environmental Studies (MA) (MSc)
School Psychology (MA) (MEd)
Science Education (MA) (MEd)
Social Studies Education (MA) (MEd)
Social Work (MSW)
Society, Culture and Politics in Education (MA) (MEd)
Sociology (MA)
Software Systems (MSS)
Soil Science (MSc)
Special Education (MA) (MEd)
Statistics (MSc)
Surgery (MSc)
Teacher Librarianship (MA) (MEd)
Teaching English as a Second Language (MA) (MEd)
Technology Studies Education (MA) (MEd)
Theatre (MA) (MFA)
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (MA)
Women's and Gender Studies (MA)
Zoology (MSc)
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